Botanical Research

An Ethnobotanical Research Training Workshop in Madagascar

Authors:  Will McClatchey and Lisa X Gollin

Source: Ethnobotany Research & Applications 3:309-327 (2005)


Guidelines for Using Video to Document Plant Practices

Author: Rebekah J.M. Fuller

Source:   Ethnobotany Research & Applications 5:219-231 (2007)


The role of botanical gardens in climate change research

Authors: Richard B. Primack and Abraham J. Miller-Rushing

Source: New Phytologist (2009) 182: 303-313

Description: Botanical gardens have a unique set of resources that allows them to host important climate change research projects not easily undertaken elsewhere. These resources include controlled growing conditions, living collections with broad taxonomic representation, meticulous record-keeping, networks spanning wide geographic areas, and knowledgeable staff.

Good Botanical Practices

Author: Michael J. Balick, Ph.D.

Source: Botanical Medicine: Efficacy, Quality Assurance, and Regulation, 1999.

Description: The most sgnificant contribution that a botanist can make to a discussion about furthering the incorporation of botanicals into the U.S. health care system concerns the importance of of documenting the materials  that are being studied or used in the clinical setting.