Join the Movement!


There are many ways to join Sacred Seeds in saving all of the world’s useful plants, and the amazing innovations and traditions that go along with them. Real change can only happen when a diversity of approaches are taken by groups small and large around the globe.

Choose how you'd like to be involved:

YOU CAN DONATE TO THE MISSION, helping our foundational gardens provide all types of services to ecosystems and communities. Whether you are one person, a group, or a large corporate donor, your contribution will make a difference.

YOU CAN GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN. Visit our knowledge base to research rare and useful plants in your region. Talk to local conservation groups or local traditional communities. Come up with a garden idea that suits your resources and personal goals, and start growing! As your garden grows, you can bring in more ideas, more plants, and more people in your community and make it a true venue for all things ethnobotanical!

YOU CAN JOIN THE NETWORK AS A FOUNDATIONAL GARDEN, and be a model of conservation for the global community. If your mission is to foster a legacy of plant use, we will be happy to consider you for inclusion into the Sacred Seeds network as a foundational sanctuary. We work with a variety of groups, from small communities in remote areas to large organizations and universities. Some sanctuaries may benefit from hands-on guidance from our team, while some sanctuaries will join us fully formed and ready to start sharing and growing with Sacred Seeds. To get started, just send us a brief message describing your group or organization, your resources, plants and knowledge, and the goals you hope to achieve with your Sacred Seeds Sanctuary.