Hosagunda, India joins Sacred Seeds

  Nonprofit organization builds strength in preserving therapeutic and sustainable plant species   (ST. LOUIS, MO. USA): Sacred Seeds, a non-profit organization committed to preserving both sacred medicinal plant species and the ancient wisdom about their therapeutic and sustainable use, is pleased to announce that Sri Uma Maheshwara Seva Trust ("Hosagunda"), in the state of Karnataka, India, has become a foundational garden in the international Sacred Seeds movement. Developed...

Sacred Seeds featured on Public Radio International's "The World"

February 3, 2011   Rhitu Chatterjee sits down with Ashley Glenn of Sacred Seeds to discuss sacred plants and the global movement to conserve the legacy of traditional knowledge of medicinal plants.   Listen to the podcast here.

HerbalGram No. 87 - Plants of Semillas Sagradas

In 1994, Paul Schulick, founder of the herb and dietary supplement company New Chapter (Brattleboro, VT), established Finca Luna Nueva, an organic farm, in the volcanic rainforest of northern Costa Rica. Its mission is the organic production of tropical plants for use in New Chapter’s products. A decade later, through the enthusiasm and commitment of three other individuals, Rafael Ocampo, Steven Farrell, and Tom Newmark, along with the hard work of many local people, Semillas Sagradas - the...

Missouri Botanical Garden Spring Bulletin

Garden scientists in 36 nations around the globe discover over 200 new plants per year! Every single one - from the tiniest orchid to the largest tree - helps fill gaps in our knowledge about the history of the earth and the biology of its organisms. Once scientifically documented, plants can be analyzed for medicinal properties and included in conservation plans. Read our Sping Bulletin with our feature article "Chemical Companions - Why Plants Matter So Much to Humans" by Ashley Glenn.