As one of the largest and most active botanical research institutes in the world, the Missouri Botanical Garden is creating a global model of sustainable development through botanical research programs. The William L. Brown Center at the Missouri Botanical Garden has earned a reputation for working closely with communities in the US and host countries, and has long-term success in finding practical solutions to conservation issues. Based on our experience, we can provide the sanctuaries with valuable resources, including:

  • Guidance, feedback, and advice. Each sanctuary will benefit from the knowledge of the Sacred Seeds management team and communities around the world, linking our experiences in botany, conservation, traditional healing, intellectual property rights and business with the collective experience of all Sacred Seeds sanctuaries.
  • Training in botanical science, conservation and business. As we develop a Sacred Seeds sanctuary and its associated programs, we will provide training to the people involved. As needed, the topics we may cover are: scientifically naming and identifying plants, conservation methods, community education, intellectual property rights and effective business strategies.
  • Documentation and publishing assistance. We can offer guidance, experience, and resources for documenting plant knowledge. Through the Sacred Seeds sanctuary, we can work with local people to create and publish literature for local distribution, educational, scientifically valid research literature, and a “Sacred Seeds Book” for local or global distribution.
  • International visibility through the Sacred Seeds Network. Our program and message are being spread around the world, linking gardens of great potential to people and organizations that can provide the support they need to thrive. Through online resources, educational material and public outreach events, Sacred Seeds provides a global audience, allowing people all over the world to learn and grow from each other’s wisdom and experiences.